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Value for You

Global Harmony directives are to harmonize all your levels, since you have few, weather you know it or not.

To harmonize all your levels, you can be all you want to be really, achieve all your desires and fulfill all your dreams, contribute to humanity at large and be happy.

You might ask what your levels are and here is the revelation. Your spiritual self and Physical self blended to an emancipated you which is your soul. For the concern that you might think this  is religious or woo woo, it is not.

Have you wondered what is it which movs you. How you know hat you  know an dhow you know it when you do? then your wonderment is part of the answer…sounds like the matrix already , does it not? Read on………

Here, we want to share
  1. tools for enlightenment and growth,
  2. your physical nourishment, which includes your having means to meet your responsibilities and
  3. Your soul expression as in artistry and professional choosing
  4. and cooperation with others as this is main order of life- humanity at large.

WE DO NOT HAVE  ALL THE ANSWERS and that is where you come along to offer your input, help and support to growing this organization to immensity beneficial to many, serving as sustrainance of growth and shareable.

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